Quality, Innovation, Sustainability in Boron


It is determined as; “To contribute to the prosperity of the country by making use of all mineral resources in our country, excluding coal and hydrocarbon resources, especially boron and rare earth elements, in the framework of sustainable development, by supporting our corporate knowledge with new technologies, by converting them into high value-added products that are appropriate to customer demands and expectations”.


It is adopted as, “To become a global organization that produces new products, materials and goods that will lead the world boron chemistry market and that creates privileges from boron and other underground resources and that is considered as information and technology leader in mining and chemistry market.”


Eti Maden adopts sustainability principle in all processes by producing highly productive and low-cost raw materials in line with approaches that is adding value to boron and boron products.

In line with this principle, Eti Maden, who produces boron and boron products possesses the values below:

  • Innovation: Continuing the growth with innovation-focused solutions that will drive boron and boron products usage in the future, to transform new ideas to benefit in order to create the future and to provide the sustainable growth,
  • Continuous Improvement: To ensure sustainability by continuously improving working efficiency and management systems,
  • Reliability: To be able to manage the products, processes and systems within the determined time and conditions before the customers,
  • Productivity: To make processes independent of persons, clear from waste, measurable and controllable,
  • Advanced technology: Preparing sustainable technology strategies by developing long-term technology forecasts,
  • Communication Power:. For accurate, reliable and realistic decisions in organizational and managerial activities; to develop knowledge and experience transfer based on volunteerism and mutual understanding approach,
  • Customer Orientation: To serve the right customer with the right time, with the right price, by making the right offer in the highest level,
  • Cooperation: Sharing resources, helping each other and cooperating in order to achieve a common goal and achieve the goals,
  • Team Spirit: Having a working culture that triggers the institutional synergy,
  • Participation: Providing voluntary support of all employees in participation in resolutions, problem solving, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction,
  • Environmental Awareness: To carry out activities using environmentally sensitive differentiation strategy,
  • Social Responsibility: To invest in social issues voluntarily to create high brand value and loyal customers
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