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Long Life and Fire-Resistant Zinc Borate

Produced and put on the market as a result of the R&D projects carried out by the World Bor Leader Eti Maden to extend the use of boron and boron products, Zinc Borate, which delays flame formation and development; is used in cable, paint, fabric, electrical/electronic parts, carpet coatings, automotive/aircraft interior parts and paper industry. Zinc Borate, which enables plastic materials that are used actively in many areas of daily life to turn into stronger, durable and quality products, also protects these products against flame formation. Zinc Borate, which is also used as insulation material, makes pvc coatings, MDF, EVA products more durable. Zinc borate, which is widely used in sectors such as polymer, wood, textile, is a flame-retardant inorganic additive. With its flame retardant feature, which suppresses smoke and prevents corrosion, it is a raw material often used by many industries.

Safe Living Areas with Boron

Zinc Borat, developed by professionals of Eti Maden, expertized in their industries, helps to create safer living spaces by avoiding the formation of smoke and the release of toxic gases during possible fire incidents. Zinc borates are often preferred as an important raw material in the polymer industry because of their high dehydration temperature. Zinc Borate, which is widely used in Textile and Polymer sector as well, is also widely used in the wood protection sector to prevent the formation of fungi and insects. Produced from boron and boron products, Zinc Borate is involved in every aspect of life by combining its living spaces with safer, durable, long lasting and economical products.

Zinc Borate, which delays the places expose the flames, allows the formation of a safe area. In the event of possible fires, it helps to reduce the loss of life and property to minimum levels, thus providing time for the first intervention to fire. Zinc Borate, produced with boron and boron products that do not threaten human health, provides a more durable and long-lasting usage in application areas compared to chemical products. Chemical flame retardant products restricted to use in many countries in line with European Union directives were replaced with Zinc Borate, produced with boron and boron products.

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