Boron as the Rising Value of Turkey

Known boron deposits in Turkey which possesses 73% of world boron reserves; Eskişehir – Kırka, Kütahya- Emet, Balıkesir – Bandırma and Bigadiç.

The most abundant boron minerals in Turkey in terms of reserve are Tincal and Cholemanite. In Turkey, Tincal reserves are located in Eskişehir – Kırka, cholemanite reserves are located in Kütahya – Emet, Balıkesir – Bigadiç and Bursa – Kestelek. In addition, ulexite reserve is present in Balıkesir – Bigadiç as well and Ulexite is extracted as a side product in Bursa – Kestelek time to time.

With the Law No. 2840, the task of producing, operating and marketing boron and boron products in Turkey is carried out by Eti Maden.

In the facilities in 4 Operations Directorates under Eti Maden, mainly Borax Pentahydrate, Borax Decahydrate, Boric Acid, Etidot-67, Boron Oxide, Zinc Borate, Calcine Tincal, Anhydrous Borax, Ground Cholemanite and Ground Ulexite are produced and supplied to domestic and international markets. Eti Maden’s total refined boron production capacity for 2017 is about 2.7 million tons.

Boron products are used in 40% glass, 34% ceramic, 7% agriculture, 5% cleaning-detergent, 3% chemistry and 11% other areas in Turkey. Eti Maden meets all of the domestic boron requirements. Eti Maden, which helps Turkey economy reach a prestigious position internationally, was ranked 15th in Turkey’s 1000 Largest Exporters list for 2016 and ranked 14th in exports made to most countries among 90 companies.

Basin Name Amount (Ton)
Emet (Cholemanite-Ulexite)  1,811,072,52
Kırka (Tincal)  824,720,95
Bigadiç (Cholemanite-Ulexite)  628,350,48
Kestelek (Cholemanite)  5,254,92
TOTAL  3,269,398,87
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