Minimum Risk, Maximum Safety

Eti Maden keeps occupational health and safety at the highest level in order to protect the health and safety of its employees from all adverse situations that may arise and to minimize the risks by keeping the work and worker’s health in front of all production stages of boron and boron products in the working areas of all facilities.

In Eti Maden facilities where boron, one of the most valuable underground resources of Turkey are extracted and processed; periodic measurements of ambient and personal exposure including dust, noise, vibration, lighting, thermal comfort gas measurements are performed and work and worker health is always kept under control.

Controls such as chest radiographs, spirometry (breathing function) test, eye examination, audiometry (hearing) test are performed at certain intervals and staff are prevented from facing negative consequences.

Safe Facilities at High Standards

Eti Maden, which has transformed its facilities into a safe area with the TS 180001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Document, which is required for the transformation of the workplace into a safe and worker-friendly environment; shows high sensitivity to occupational health and safety with the activities carried out.

In the awareness trainings given by Eti Maden within the scope of work and worker safety; it was aimed that personnel to be able organize their work with the lowest risks.

World Boron Leader Eti Maden, aims to keep the work and worker health and safety at the maximum level within the scope of awareness raising and education project Afete Hazır Türkiye for its employees by giving trainings on the correct behaviour patterns of the first 72 hours of possible accident moments and measures to be taken in the work areas etc.

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